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Victoria Alyesa

Remember Addie Larue PREORDER

Remember Addie Larue PREORDER

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Pre-order for January's Remember Addie Larue Book

*All Addies ordered/preordered whether it was in January or now will have all the features below*

SIGNED & Numbered to 1000

Shipping in Late July/August.

-Foiled Dustjacket & 3 sided edge design - Designed by Me (Victoria Alyesa)

-Endpages - Designed by @sncinderart & @sajrafox

-Hardcase Foil Design - Designed by @Noonedesigns


This edition with be the same size as the rest of the UK editions (so they all match height on your shelf).

The Dustjacket will be an updated version of the original, eg: the cat will be an outline not a silhouette and the books will have more detail, slight change to the bird on the front, adding in V.E. Schwab name.

The edge will again have a slight update to the design and will have a design on the top and bottom now, not the block colour as before.

Please be aware that any international customers buying are responsible for any customs fees, and any parcels sent back to me due to non-payment of customs fees I will recharge you postage to resend.

(PS I have been told for most countries it is cheaper you paying customs fees if there are any then paying through Etsy…so does work a lot in some's favour).

If you buy any other items with your pre-order they will all ship when the ALL items are ready together.

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