Commission Prices

Prices as of January 2024

  • Dustjacket Designs


    Depends on the amount of detail needed and time needed to draw it.

  • Edge Designs


    Includes all 3 edges designed and 1 free mock up like on my Instagram profile.

  • Hardcover Foil Designs


    Includes a toned colour underlay, for a detailed under colour please see dustjacket pricings.

  • End Pages

    From £500

    Depends on level of detail needed and the design.

  • Full Special Edition Design

    Dustjacket, Hardcover Foil, Endpages, Edge Design or any variation of these

    Please enquire for pricing as as full special edition designs depend on what is needed/wanted.

  • Pin Designs

    From £200

    Depends on level of detail.